Dimples Romana Just Threw the Chicest Neutral-Themed Gender Reveal Party

The Enderun Tent is home to actress Dimples Romana’s stylish gender reveal party. She celebrated the occasion with her nearest and dearest and transformed the venue into an elegant space filled with beige and white decors, a chic choice that proved to be fun for all.

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Expert Tips and Opinions Hospitality Management Students Should Read Right Now

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly disrupted 2020, forcing many people to quickly postpone their weddings. In June of 2020, the Philippine government announced that it will be allowing events to push through, provided that the number of guests present be limited. As a result, many people who decided to push through with their weddings in 2020 have had to change their plans and go with an intimate wedding. With that in mind, here are a few tips, themes, and ideas wedding industry professionals have shared to help you better plan your intimate wedding:

Intimate Wedding Packages, Total Guests, Church Limitations, and More

Make sure you know what the Philippine government does or does not allow in intimate weddings across Metro Manila. Here is a list to help you stay updated.

How to Have a Small and Intimate Wedding

Not many Filipinos are used to planning small and intimate weddings. This primer from The Knot will help you get a better understanding of the differences in planning a traditional large wedding compared to the new normal of small, intimate weddings.

5 Small Wedding Ideas for Your Intimate Day

Need ideas for your intimate wedding? Consider these suggestions from Green Envelope to help make planning your intimate wedding easier.

79 Best Wedding Favors for 2020

Choosing the right wedding favor for your guests is still important. Find the one that suits your personality with 79 ideas for wedding favors.

Factors and Measures to Consider When Planning Intimate Weddings in 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly disrupted 2020, forcing many people to quickly cancel their events. There have been many stories of couples having to postpone their weddings in an effort to keep their guests safe, especially those with wedding dates in the early days of the pandemic. The Philippine government also imposed a ban on mass gatherings, which further forced soon-to-be-weds to reschedule their big day.

The Philippine government recently lifted the ban on events, but have implemented a limitation in the number of guests that are allowed to attend events like weddings. The maximum number of guests as of writing is set at 30 people. With the lifting of the ban, some couples have decided to push through with their weddings in 2020, albeit with a much shorter guest list. As a result, intimate weddings have become a trend in recent months.

If you are planning to have an intimate wedding of your own in 2020, know that you’ll need to implement a few measures to ensure your 30 guests stay safe. Make sure you keep the following in mind as you start planning your intimate wedding:

Creative Hand-Sanitizing Solutions

Sanitizing almost every item, you come across while outside is now the norm. Event planners, such as Enderun Events, or Venue Owners, will help couples think of creative hand-sanitizing solutions for their guests, including a staff outside distributing hand sanitizers, or the guests having personalized water bottles. These solutions can also mean no more buffets, meaning every meal will be plated by the caterers and ready to be served to the guests.

Wear Masks

Everywhere, masks are now required to be worn to prevent the spread. Therefore, even at weddings, the bride and groom, including its guests and staff, should also wear a mask. The masks can be taken off during pictorials or when eating; however, it is advised to wear it during the entire wedding ceremony and reception.

Choosing an Indoor Venue

Having an outdoor wedding is no longer an option during this pandemic as weddings need to be held indoors to keep safe. If you planned to hold it outdoors, it is now the time to look for another venue to keep you and your guests safe. For you and your guests to not feel confined in a closed space, you may consider incorporating open-air or outdoor elements to the venue.

Practice Social Distancing

Having a smaller guest list does not mean it is safe to not practice social distancing. The seats’ arrangement should be spaced at least 6 feet or 2 meters apart from each other. Marriage officiants should also stand a bit further away from the couple during the ceremony and that the venue, in general, has a lot of space for it not to be crowded.

Do A Live Stream

Many airports have been blocked, and some guests might not want to travel or attend the event due to feeling uncomfortable and worried about their health and safety. With the guest list now smaller, with some guests removed or some who cannot attend, couples can opt to live stream their wedding to the extended guests to watch the event. With the current advancement in technology, the guests can even feel as if they are really inside the venue themselves.

Something Blue, Something Old, and Something New: This Wedding Ticks all the Right Boxes!

The blue-themed intimate wedding of Chris and Aye complemented the opulent white walls of The Atrium at Enderun. Considering how the safety protocols were perfectly put, their wedding reveals how more brides and grooms adapt under the new normal.

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Safety Measures to Implement in Your Event Space When Live Events are Allowed

Mass gatherings have been prohibited for months now as a countermeasure against the pandemic. However, there will eventually come a time when mass gatherings and live events will be allowed once again, especially once a safe and effective vaccine has been developed.

Despite the potential use of vaccines, event organizers should not become complacent. Health and safety should still be a priority for organizers and event venues. With that in mind, here are a few safety measures that you should implement in your event hall once mass gatherings and live events are possible again:

Conduct a pre-event risk assessment

Part of safety is in knowing what are the risks involved with the situation at hand. Using a scale from 1 to 5 (with 1 being low risk and 5 being very high risk), rate how the following potential hazards can affect the outcome of your event. Consider the following potential hazards in areas such as: fire, environment, equipment, crowd management, crew, first aid, weather, child protection, and catering.

After you have rated the aforementioned areas of possible hazard, identify who are at risk (crew, attendees, children, etc.) and how you will eliminate or reduce the risks to the persons involved. In this regard, you may choose to work with your outsourced event suppliers, local authority, and emergency units so that your risk assessment is as accurate as possible.

Provide adequate training for staff

Staff that are trained before an event can react better and are more equipped to provide services in an emergency situation. For example, if your event is expected to have a high number of attendees, consider mitigating the spread of contagious viruses. An event hall in Taguig such as the one located in Enderun Colleges provides sanitizing stations to clients who book the venue. Healthy and safety are of utmost importance to event organizers when it comes to managing high traffic areas. Things to consider include: parking sites, first aid stations, toilets, and emergency provisions. Consider placing healthy and safety information around the event venue and do a pre-event announcement to all attendees.

Having trained staff can also be a measure of ground-level surveillance since your crew interacts directly with the event attendees.

Choose the right venue for your event

Depending on what kind of event you’ll be having, the right venue can spell the difference between overcrowding and the most effective use of space. There are many event spaces in Manila, such as the venues offered by Enderun Events, that have venues with varying sizes. Having a profile of your event, the expected demographics of the attendees, and estimated number of attendees would help you choose the right venue.

Of course, safety features should also be a consideration. Ask your event venue about how frequently they can sanitize areas like bathrooms and lounges. Your event venue should also be more than happy to set up disinfecting foot baths at all entrances and contactless hand sanitizers in key areas.

Have a back-up plan for emergencies

Create a plan for emergency situations and discuss this with the venue organizer and staff. Things to consider include: the method in informing the attendees, how and when to raise the alarm, how to evacuate the attendees, how to access the onsite emergency facilities, how to handle casualties, how to manage traffic, and how to provide first aid when necessary.

Like with anything, prevention is better than the cure. It is wise to be mindful of potential hazards before any big event so that you can prepare accordingly.

GCQ Weddings: Intimate Wedding Packages, Total Guests, and More

With Metro Manila transitioning to General Community Quarantine, many restrictions have been lifted, but there are still certain limitations set in place to keep the general population safe. These changes have left many people wondering what they can and cannot do under GCQ. One of the more prominent questions being asked right now is if couples who had plans to get married in 2020 can push through with their weddings. The quick answer? Yes. Couples may choose to still get married under GCQ. However, there are a few restrictions you’ll need to keep in mind. Traditional large-scale weddings and receptions most of us are used to are strictly prohibited under safety and social distancing guidelines from the government. As such, intimate weddings will be the main option for couples looking to get married during GCQ. Here are a few things you need to know:

Wedding Proper

Churches will allow couples to get married in their chosen church. What has changed is the number of people allowed during the wedding. Church officials have said that only immediate family members of the bride and groom, as well as one pair of sponsors, are allowed to be present. Alternatively, couples may opt to go with a civil wedding for now, just to make things official. However, the number of attendees is limited to immediate family members for the sake of having witnesses to the civil wedding.

Guest Lists

The government has allowed intimate weddings to push through since the move to GCQ last June 1, 2020. Government guidelines, for now, are only allowing gatherings of up to (10) people. This is for strict compliance and many wedding suppliers are restructuring their services to ensure this 10-person limit is followed.

Event Spaces

The government has allowed event spaces to resume operations, provided that all events will follow the 10-person limit. Given this, couples who plan to push through with their weddings during GCQ should try to look for more intimate GCQ wedding venues, such as Restaurant 101 or The Atrium. Similarly, it’s a good idea to look for event spaces that offer in-house catering options to help limit the number of wedding suppliers present. On the other hand, couples may choose slightly more unconventional venues, like village clubhouses or their own homes, and opt to hire a catering service, like Enderun Events. Fortunately, many event spaces and catering services are offering Intimate Wedding Packages to help make planning intimate weddings easier for couples. These packages often come complete with venue, catering, and styling, easing the stress of having to plan a wedding and “reception” from scratch. You may view Enderun Events’ Intimate Wedding packages here.