Supplier Spotlight: Gary Dacanay Weddings and Events

One of the reasons why Enderun Events has been so successful over the years is because we are able to work with some of the most creative and talented partner suppliers in Metro Manila. Today, we’ll be featuring Gary Dacanay Weddings and Events, one of the top event stylists in Manila.

About Gary Dacanay Weddings and Events

Gary Dacanay Weddings and Events was established in 2014, fulfilling a childhood dream for Mr. Gary Dacanay. “From a young age, I’ve always had a big interest in flowers and stage design. It was all about that love and passion for the arts, which is why the interest developed into a full scale event styling company.” he says–and he hasn’t looked back since.>

Over the course of the last five years, Gary Dacanay has worked on the styling for numerous events in and around Metro Manila, including festivals, beauty pageants, concerts, weddings, and more. His stunning designs are truly a sight to see. In fact, his unique designs has helped him build an impressive list of celebrity clients like:

  • Sitti Navarro
  • Richard Gutierez and Sarah Labhati
  • Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez
  • Vic Sotto and Pauline Luna
  • Gladys Reyes
  • Senator Koko Pimentel
  • President Rodrigo Duterte

On Working with Enderun Events

Enderun Events and Gary Dacanay Weddings and Events have built an amazing partnership over the years. Many of Gary’s clients have chosen The Atrium or The Enderun Tent for their events, ranging from weddings to debuts and everything in between, thanks to the near limitless possibilities the event venues offer.

“I love working with Enderun Events. They are easy to work with since they are so organized and supplier-friendly with their policies. Their two main venues, The Atrium and The Enderun Tent, are blank canvases and a dream for any full-scale event styling company.” Gary says.

“Every event in Enderun, big or small, is a ‘positive challenge’. Their event venues are beautiful, inspiring me and my team to be as creative as possible when coming up with designs for our clients.”

Gary’s creativity definitely shines bright every time he and his team handles an event at Enderun Colleges. Eye-catching flower arrangements, elegant ceiling treatments, and other thoughtful personalized touches are the hallmarks of his designs. Every design is bursting with color and life, yet completely tailored to the personalities and preferences of his clients. The result is a truly customized events that his clients and their guests will never forget.

Gary and his team also never back down from a challenge. “In the world of event styling, there is no such thing as an ‘obstacle you need to overcome’. Every aspect of styling is a new opportunity to let your creativity shine. No matter how big or grandiose a client’s vision is, Gary and his team find ways to bring that dream to life.

“In event styling, the manta Hakuna Matata really applies. There’s no point in worrying. It’s all about ‘No worries. We’ll get the job done and do our best to match or even exceed your expectations’. This mindset helps us come up with designs that are pretty and create positive vibes all around.”

Add Gary Dacanay’s Unique Vision and Designs to Your Event!

Still looking for a stylist for your upcoming event at The Atrium or The Enderun Tent? We’d be more than happy to recommend you to Gary Dacanay Weddings and Events! Simply give us a call at (632) 856 5000 local 534 or 560. Together, we can make your event unforgettable.

5 Corporate Giveaways to Hand Out During Your Next Public Event

Company events can be intimidating endeavours. Often, these are the stages on which companies are judged for their capability, reliability, and success. Whether an event hosted solely by your company, or an expo that your company has joined, It is important to make a good impression.

One way to do so is to have giveaways! Though it may seem old-fashioned, giveaways are still one of the best ways to be remembered by those who visit your event or booth. Here are some ideas for your next event.

  1. A really good ballpen

    It seems trite, but the truth is that a really good ballpen is still valued! If you can give out good ballpens, people are sure to keep them and use them regularly. With that comes their keeping your company in mind. Be sure the pen is branded, looks good, and writes excellently!

  2. USB sticks

    A useful item still, and one that you can utilize in two ways! The first is by branding the device with your company logo, and the second is to have a folder with your company profile and other information in it! Just be sure that there is enough space for people to still use it for themselves. This will not only be appreciated, but it will also encourage them to keep the USB stick!

  3. Instagram food lights

    These days, it’s all about the ‘gram. One well-appreciated present is an Instagram light. These pen-like devices have LED lights that let people light up their photo subject, whether it be food, products (for flatlay), or themselves!

  4. Discounts

    Nothing beats a really good discount coupon, especially if you have a sought-after product or service. It also encourages event visitors to become customers. Make sure the discount is enticing enough for potential customers to become real customers, and count the discount given as a marketing expense!

  5. Metal drink containers and umbrellas

    Metal drink containers and umbrellas are two items that people always need and always appreciate receiving for free! Just make sure that you will be able to bring in the latter. Some corporate event venues are strict about what you can and cannot bring in to the event space, and the last thing you want is to be told you can’t bring in your giveaways!

Just as important as the items you give away are the corporate event venues you choose for your company events! There are many event spaces in Manila, but not all of them have what is necessary to make your company look capable, serious, and a brand that customers and/or suppliers can trust. Apart from ambience and what it can convey, do not forget to consider location. The location of corporate event venues can determine the success of the event. Accessibility is ideal, but so is parking–something many event spaces in Manila do not have, but guests appreciate. Do your research on different event spaces in Manila and do not forget to consider these options before your next company event!

Corporate Catering Tips: Selecting the Right Menu for Your Business Lunch

Depending on how many attendees there are, selecting the right menu can be either a simple or complex task. It all starts with choosing the right venue and catering company. Once those two decisions have been made, here’s how you can make it easier on yourself when planning your next business lunch.

1. Get to Know Your Guests in Advance

Even before the lunch, try to get information on any dietary restrictions that your guests might have. It also helps to know their food preferences. If you are unsure of this information, speak to the restaurant or your catering service beforehand to provide options for your guests and to avoid any cases of embarrassment or humiliation.

2. Showcase Your Culture

If you are dealing with foreign guests or overseas partners, it might be a good idea to allow them to experience the local cuisine. Not only will it be a new experience for them, but talking about the food is also a good conversation topic to break any ice or tension, while showcasing your culture and what your country has to offer.

3. Avoid Causes for Embarrassment

When designing the menu with your chosen catering company, it is best to choose dishes that are clean, fresh and easy to eat. Avoid food that is difficult to eat, such as whole meats and unpeeled and unopened shellfish as well as dishes that have the potential to cause stains or may leave unpleasant tastes and odours in the mouth such as food with strong flavours of garlic and onion.

Selecting the right menu for your business lunch is more important than most people think, as this is the impression-making stage. Be sure to select the appropriate catering services to fit your occasion and guest profile to ensure the smoothest business transaction possible.

Four Essential Tips for Choosing the Right Corporate Training Venue

Corporate training is essential for any company looking to help their employees reach their potential. Given the importance of corporate training, it’s only natural for companies to want to make sure their training sessions to want to make sure that every training session is as effective and engaging as possible.

As discussed in one of our previous articles, it is often more efficient and effective to conduct corporate training at a third-party events space in Manila. This begs the question: how do I know which event space is the right one for my company’s needs? Here are a few tips to help you do just that:

Make Sure You Visit the Site

You’ve probably heard of some great corporate training venues around Metro Manila from your business connections. Suggestions should always be welcomed and considered, but make sure you visit the site before you book it. This isn’t just about seeing the place for yourself, but it’s also about gauging the venue’s location and the travel time. Ideally, you want to choose a space that is accessible for all the attendees, so choose a place with easy access to public transportation and ample parking for those bringing their own cars.

Check the List of Inclusions

Events spaces that cater to corporate training seminars will have an extensive list of inclusions that come with renting the venue. Make sure you take a look at this list carefully to help you get a clearer picture of what you’ll have on-hand on the day itself and what you may need to bring with you. Standard inclusions such as projectors, sound systems, and WiFi are must-haves.

Review Venue Set-up and Capacity

All event spaces will provide you with the capacity of their venue, but make sure to ask what kind of set-up this number reflects. Chairs and tables can be set up in a number of ways, which directly affects the number of guests a certain venue can accommodate. Similarly, how your tables and chairs are set up can have an impact on how easy it is for your participants to listen to trainers and speakers. Make sure you discuss this with your event venue representative to make sure your preferred venue can accommodate your preferred set-up and number of guests.

Does the Venue Come with Catering?

If your training session will take up the whole day, you’ll definitely want to try and choose a venue that offers in-house catering services. Food plays a big role in whole-day corporate training sessions and is often what most attendees remember the most. For whole day events, it’s often a good idea to provide a morning snack, lunch, and an afternoon snack. Not only does this keep participants happy, but it also helps everyone stay focused on the sessions instead of wondering where they’ll be having lunch.

A Quick Guide to Planning a Debut

The debut that we know today originated from the French word début, which means “first appearance”. This is an event where a girl makes her first appearance to her family and friends as a young woman. Although planning the perfect debut may seem to be a challenge and a headache, here are some tips to ease your worries and make the process more smooth and seamless.

1. Make Your Guest List

The first step in planning your event is to make a list of your guests. Knowing how many people you want to invite and be present on your special day, will allow you to move forward with the rest of the planning and decision making. After all, the number of guests you plan to invite will dictate a lot of things, including catering, event venue, and more.

2. Benchmark Your Budget

From your list of invitees, you can now set a preliminary budget. This will usually be a discussion among family members to know how much will be allocated to your coming-of-age party. Whatever budget you come up with initially, it’s a good idea to pad it by around 10 percent in case of any unforeseen extra expenses.

3. Decide on Your Theme and Event Scale

Now that you have a budget, you can see if your guest list needs to be shortened or if you have extra resources to allocate for more invites or other special effects to your event. This is also the time for you to decide on the theme, so you can better choose an event venue that is most suited for your party. Knowing your guest count will also help you choose the right venue with the right size.

4. Pick A Venue

Do you prefer an intimate picnic or brunch, an outdoor cocktail party, or an elegant dinner in a ballroom? Choosing the right debut venue will make a big difference in setting the right theme for your event and will make an impact on your guests too. Once you’re set with the venue, you can also call in your event stylist and caterer to ensure your debut vision comes to fruition.

5. Form Your Program

Many debuts are all about the program – from the performances to the dancing and speeches. Come up with a list of the people who you want to be part of the program, so you can also inform them in advance to prepare for their roles. Having a program will also help you know what else you will be needing and which suppliers to contact.

6. Embellish the Event

This will be the fun part. Embellishing your event is all about the extras and added features to make your debut more memorable, from your choice of dresses to choosing the cake and the giveaways. This is also the part where you consider other suppliers such as a photographer and videographer, lights and sounds, an event host, a DJ, and the list goes on depending on the theme of your event. Some venues may have more complete event packages that will lessen your headache to search for other suppliers, so this is something that you can also keep in mind. When in doubt, there are always family members and event coordinators who you can turn to.

What You Need to Know About Pre-Wedding Reception Cocktails at

When it comes to the catering services aspect of your wedding, your wedding caterer might bring up reception cocktails. Should you or should you not include cocktails in your wedding program? Here are some of the factors you can consider when deciding whether or not to hold cocktails before your wedding reception.

Ultilize your beautiful venue

Apart from the main venue hall, your event space might have features such as pocket gardens, a beach front, or other beautiful views and backdrops. Holding pre-wedding reception cocktails is a great way to fully maximise the use of your event venue while also providing more diverse photo opportunities for you and your guests.

Allow family and friends to mingle

If you have a packed reception program, pre-wedding reception cocktails are the perfect opportunity for family and friends to get to exchange greetings, converse and mingle amongst each other. Set the tone and atmosphere of what is to come for your guests with eye-catching canapés and refreshing drinks before heading in to your main reception venue.

Give time to those running late

You might have a few guests running late or coming from other obligations. Holding a cocktail hour will minimize your chances of having guests arrive late to your wedding reception, and will give them a chance to relax and mingle with your other guests as well.

Capture more moments and memories

If you planned a photo shoot with your entourage and as a couple after your wedding ceremony, having pre-wedding reception cocktails is a good opportunity to keep your guests distracted while they wait for you. Your guests might be holding their own little photo shoots at the same time too!

A quick respite before the reception

You might have gotten up early in the morning for all the wedding preparations, or perhaps haven’t even slept a few nights before the big day. Holding cocktails for your guests will allow you and your groom some time to breathe before you make your grand entrance as husband and wife. If you plan to have a change of outfit and a few make-up retouches, this will also give you the time and opportunity to do so. Use cocktail hour as time for you to sit back, relax a bit and sip a glass of wine or champagne.

4 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Catering Service for Your Event

One of the biggest challenges to planning and hosting an event is finding a good caterer that will make you and your guests happy, both in terms of food and service. There are plenty of caterers to choose from, and not all of them are created equal. Because of this, it is important that you do your due diligence.

Here are four questions you should ask a caterer before hiring them!

  1. Has anyone used them before?

    One of the best ways to choose or find good catering services is to ask your friends! Simply asking them if they know a good caterer will give you an idea of who you should and shouldn’t call! Because not only will they tell you about good experiences, but they’re likely to tell you some horror stories too. From these reviews, you will get a good initial idea of what you can do for your event or party.

  2. Can you do a food tasting? Are the flexible with special diets?

    Once you start calling caterers, ask them if you can do a food tasting. It is important that you are happy with the type and quality of food at your event. Usually, the more seasoned caterers allow for food tastings because they understand how important it can be to the client.

    In line with this, asking if they are flexible with special diets is also important. Some guests may be vegan, require halal, need things to be gluten free, etc. Being able to find a caterer that can fit these requirements and still create delicious food is like finding gold!

  3. Do they have staff? If they do, is that separate from cost?

    Some start-up catering services are unable to provide staff or can only provide staff at great cost because they will outsource the staff on the day of the event itself. This is an important question because some events require more staff than others, and if the staff is a separate cost then the entire cost of the service can suddenly become less feasible.

  4. What are the costs?

    For some, this is Question #1 due to budget constraints. Wherever it may be on the list, it is definitely an important question to ask. It is important that catering services be fair to clients with regard to what is being required and what they can properly provide. It is usually during budget discussions that adjustments need to be made

The more questions you ask a caterer, the more questions you will have. Keep asking! There is nothing more important than finding the right caterer for the occasion to keep both you and your guests happy! So ask all the questions you want and find the right catering service for you!

Tips for Choosing the Right Food for Outdoor Events

Catering Services Share Tips for Choosing the Right Food
for Outdoor Events

There is nothing quite as nice as an outdoor event. Whether it be a formal occasion or a casual get together, being able to host an event outdoors adds a special element that only nature can give. As most catering services know, however, outdoor events are always a challenge!

The challenges that come with hosting outdoors usually fall on the decorator and the catering company. Being able to provide excellent quality food without sacrificing flavour and keeping in mind all the possibilities of what might happen at outdoor events (rain, too much wind, etc.) is a challenge to even the most seasoned catering services, but the challenges can be reduced early on simply by knowing what type of food to choose (on the client’s side) or what type of food to offer (on the caterer’s side).


The first consideration should always be beverages. People tend to drink more than they eat so easy access to beverages is important! If it is a warm day, being able to provide icy drinks is a must! A cooler day, and having options for warmer drinks is appreciated! Depending on the number of people, having more than one drinks station or bar is usually the most ideal setting for an outdoor event. This not just frees up traffic or having people in line constantly, but it also forces them to mingle.

Finger Foods

If the event isn’t formal, both the client and the catering company should focus on finger foods. Little canapes are usually the way to go, especially if they are bread or potato based because these will fill up the guests faster, which again allows for better people flow at the event. It also allows people to use their hands, which means they don’t need to fumble with cutlery; something that is particularly important in cocktail settings.


Cocktails and picnics are two outdoor events that can benefit from the use of small bowls and cups that can be filled with refreshing and easy to eat dishes like pasta salads or greek salads. These can be pre-filled and placed decoratively around buffet tables or passed around by waiters, and in both cases with small forks or spoons next to them. Cold salads are also one of the best things to serve on a warm day because they don’t add any heat to the body. Plus they don’t need to be heated or kept, which is a bonus to the catering company in terms of bringing equipment for heating food!

Whenever planning an outdoor event, consider the full setting. Will there be cocktail tables or picnic tables? Is there a buffet table or is it pass around? Is it formal dining, but the event just happens to be outdoors? Knowing the style of the event as well as the profile of the guests can really help both a client and catering services decide on the right kind of food.

Why You Should Hire Catering Services for Your Next Company Outing

Company outings are a great way to reward employees for their hard work and build camaraderie among team members. Whether you are looking for an overnight trip at the beach or enjoying a unique experience like a guided adventure camp, there is no denying that participating in activities together as a team rejuvenates both body and mind.

When most people organize a company outing, much of the attention is given to finding a venue–and for good reason. However, one aspect that should definitely given more attention to is the idea of hiring out-of-town catering services. Having professional catering during your event yields more than a few advantages for organizers and participants alike, including:

Opens Up More Options for Venues

Not all company outing venues offer in-house dining or catering. Limiting yourself to venues with in-house catering may severely restrict your venue options. Opting to hire catering for a company outing allows you to expand your shortlist of possible venues. The best part is that you can actually save a nice amount of money if you only opt for venue rental. If you decide to go with a third-party caterer, just make sure that the venue you book doesn’t charge outside catering corkage fees.

Guarantee That The Food is Excellent

Even if a venue offer in-house food service, there isn’t always a guarantee that you and your team will fully enjoy the food. This is especially true if no one has been to the venue you’ve chosen. In such cases, organizing a food tasting can be difficult in terms of schedule and travel. Hiring a corporate catering service based in Manila that you’ve worked with before assures you that the food you choose fits everyone’s tastes. Similarly, it’s much easier to customize the menu for your outing to fit any special dietary needs (e.g. keto, vegetarian, etc.).

More Time to Focus on Activities

It isn’t uncommon for certain team members to be assigned to cook for the rest of the team during outings. However, this set-up only really works if your team is relatively small. If your company outing involves hundreds of employees or if family members of employees are invited to join the outing, anyone assigned to cook will spend most of their time in the kitchen instead of team-building activities–and where’s the fun in that? Leaving the food up to catering services easily frees up time and allows everyone to participate in the activities you’ve planned.

Corporate Training: Why Rent Event Spaces Instead of Having It In-House

Corporate training is vital to the success of any business. These training sessions can be as simple as introducing a new series of systems to your employees or as complicated as change management programs. In most cases, companies choose to hold these training seminars in-house when possible. However, a better option is often overlooked: renting an event space.

There are a wide range of benefits your company and your participants can enjoy when holding training off-site. Many of these benefits are definitely well worth including venue rental into your training budget. Some of these benefits include:

People are able to focus better

One of the issues of conducting corporate training in your own office is that most of your participants may be distracted by work emails and calls. Similarly, it’s fairly simple for people to disrupt the training and pull out one of the participants. Both scenarios can easily be avoided by booking an event space in Manila for your corporate training. On top of this, 63% of people who have undergone corporate training claim that conducting training out-of-office helps improve their concentration and productivity.

Participants can enjoy more amenities and services

Venues for off-site training seminars often boast luxe amenities and inclusions. These amenities go a long way in setting a positive mood among your employees. Many corporate training venues, such as The Atrium at Enderun Colleges, also come with in-house catering services. Serving a light snack in between sessions and offering free-flowing coffee may help your participants focus. Lastly, these amenities can leave a lasting positive impression among newer employees, which may lead to better company loyalty.

Talking about sensitive topics in the office is easier

In some cases, training seminars will talk about sensitive information or topics pertaining to the company. This may include things like policy changes or reshuffling departments. Being too close to the office may make it difficult for people to have a proper and impartial discussion. Choosing a third-party venue allows everyone to speak easier since there is no worry over whether someone may overhear the topic of discussion.

Employees are encouraged to socialize with each other

If you’ll be conducting whole-day training sessions in an events space, your package will tend to come with lunch. This is a great time for employees who don’t often interact with each other to meet and socialize. This is especially true if you’ll randomly group participants together. When employees are removed from their repetitive office routines, this interaction becomes more meaningful. Naturally, having everyone in your company get along with each other can work wonders on productivity and teamwork.