What You Need to Know About Pre-Wedding Reception Cocktails at

When it comes to the catering services aspect of your wedding, your wedding caterer might bring up reception cocktails. Should you or should you not include cocktails in your wedding program? Here are some of the factors you can consider when deciding whether or not to hold cocktails before your wedding reception.

Ultilize your beautiful venue

Apart from the main venue hall, your event space might have features such as pocket gardens, a beach front, or other beautiful views and backdrops. Holding pre-wedding reception cocktails is a great way to fully maximise the use of your event venue while also providing more diverse photo opportunities for you and your guests.

Allow family and friends to mingle

If you have a packed reception program, pre-wedding reception cocktails are the perfect opportunity for family and friends to get to exchange greetings, converse and mingle amongst each other. Set the tone and atmosphere of what is to come for your guests with eye-catching canapés and refreshing drinks before heading in to your main reception venue.

Give time to those running late

You might have a few guests running late or coming from other obligations. Holding a cocktail hour will minimize your chances of having guests arrive late to your wedding reception, and will give them a chance to relax and mingle with your other guests as well.

Capture more moments and memories

If you planned a photo shoot with your entourage and as a couple after your wedding ceremony, having pre-wedding reception cocktails is a good opportunity to keep your guests distracted while they wait for you. Your guests might be holding their own little photo shoots at the same time too!

A quick respite before the reception

You might have gotten up early in the morning for all the wedding preparations, or perhaps haven’t even slept a few nights before the big day. Holding cocktails for your guests will allow you and your groom some time to breathe before you make your grand entrance as husband and wife. If you plan to have a change of outfit and a few make-up retouches, this will also give you the time and opportunity to do so. Use cocktail hour as time for you to sit back, relax a bit and sip a glass of wine or champagne.

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