Why Prioritise the In-House Catering Service of an Event Space

For many event planners, hosts and guests, the two most crucial aspects of an event typically fall on the location and the food. Although making a decision on where your venue and who your caterer will be may bring in a significant amount of stress, choosing them wisely will reap the benefits of an enjoyable and memorable event.

If you are still on the lookout for a venue and catering service, why not consider someone who offers both? Here are some of the reasons why it may be smarter for you to book your next birthday party venue that includes a catering package and other add-ons!

Increase Your Time

As that old proverb goes, choosing the catering service of your event venue will allow you to “hit two birds with one stone”. Having just one contact for both the food and venue lightens your list of people to coordinate with and communication becomes easier and more transparent. In terms of disseminating payments on the day of your event, you have less accounts to worry about as well.

Lighten Your Pocket

It is common for event spaces to charge catering and corkage fees. You might encounter stories of hidden charges and extra fees too. But if you choose the in-house caterer of your venue, those fees are usually waived. If your event space can provide basic styling and a simple lights and sound set-up that is suitable for your event, that add-on will cut down your other supplier search by nearly half and will also lessen your expenses!

Reduce Your Stress

Aside from lessening the amount of people you communicate with, you also have less things to worry about. Having an in-houses caterer for your venue means that your catering staff have full knowledge of the venue’s specifics and service flow, which means less room for error on the day of your event. Another advantage is having quality fresh food from your caterer, since everything will be prepared on site.

If you are someone who is looking to reduce costs and ease your planning, it would be advantageous for you to choose a venue with an in-house catering service to ensure a more smoothly run event.

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