After you’ve locked down where you’ll be holding your reception, you’ll need to choose a reliable wedding catering service. In most cases, you’ll need to decide between two options: plated service or buffet As is usually the case, both plated service and buffet set ups have their share of pros and cons. Let’s go over both options to help you get a better idea of why these two styles of catering are so popular for wedding receptions:

The Case for Plated Service

If you want a more formal wedding reception, choosing plated service is the way to go. Your guests will absolutely feel like royalty as they are served each course by experienced wait staff right at their table. There are two additional practical reasons why plated service is desirable: The first reason is that everyone gets their food at the same time. Many of us have experienced long lines in buffet set ups, and it can feel terrible to be the last table called for the buffet. Plated service makes sure everyone is served the same food at the same time so none of your guests go “hangry”. The second reason is that plated service will often run five or more courses. The time in-between each course easily allows you integrate the reception program into the schedule. This allows you to add typical wedding speeches, games, dances, and other creative activities to keep your guests entertained.

The Case for Buffet

Buffet set ups are becoming more and more popular for wedding receptions in recent years. The keys here are variety and choice. With a buffet set up, everyone is given the freedom to choose what they want and how much they want. This is great because you don’t need to worry about picky eaters or diet restrictions. Another case for choosing a buffet set up? Guests are encouraged to mingle and visit friends from other tables. It’s inevitable that certain groups will become separated due to limited seats per table. The time spent in between return trips to the buffet allows guests to visit family and friends that may be seated in other tables. Lastly, buffet set ups are generally the more affordable option. Some people may believe that buffet service is more expensive, but the fact of the matter is that you tend to save more money simply because you only need a few servers at for each buffet table as opposed to one or two servers per table.

Which Should You Choose?

There are no surefire criteria that will help you choose between buffet style and plated service. It all really boils down to which one you prefer and which you think your guests will enjoy more. With that said, the best option moving forward is to choose a wedding caterer in Taguig, such as Enderun Events, that provides both styles of service. This way, it’s easier to compare food options and prices, allowing you to make the best decision for you and your guests.

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