What’s the most exciting part of choosing a caterer for your wedding? The taste testing of course! Catering services in Metro Manila will always offer a food tasting session for their clients. This is important since the tasting gives clients a good idea of the quality of the food. Food tastings must be done before you hire caterers. If a catering service doesn’t offer this, it’s a sign that you should try a different caterer. Although the main purpose of food tastings is to taste the food, flavor isn’t the only factor you should be evaluating during the session. What other reasons are there to take time out of your busy schedule for a food tasting?

1. You Get a Feel for the Actual Level of Service

Events catering is valuable not just for the actual food, but for the service they provide you and your guests during the wedding reception. Always remember: great service makes great food taste even better. Your tasting session also doubles as a type of “audition” for the catering company. This goes for both the quality of food and level of service they provide. Make sure you take notes of how attentive and courteous their servers are while you taste the food.

2. You Gain a Better Understanding of the Menu as a Whole

Menus aren’t just slapped together with whatever the chef felt like adding to a piece of paper. A great chef takes a lot of time crafting a menu to ensure each dish featured is harmonious. This is especially true for set menus since each dish is served in an order that helps enhance the taste of the next plate. Going through each course gives you a great idea of how the menu plays out and whether or not it fits your theme, expectations, etc.

3. You Can Have A Few Items on the Menu Replaced

There will be times when you dislike a particular dish in a menu. When this happens, speak up. Catering providers are more than happy to substitute a dish or two from your preferred menu. Being honest with your caterer allows them to provide you with a much better service. Other reasons to have menu items replaced include special dietary restrictions or food allergies. Food tastings are an important part of hiring the right catering company for your wedding, so make sure you participate in one before you sign a contract. Fortunately, respected caterers, like Enderun Events, offer complimentary tasting sessions to their clients. If your preferred caterer offers this service, make sure you take advantage of it!

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