Corporate Training: Why Rent Event Spaces Instead of Having It In-House

Corporate training is vital to the success of any business. These training sessions can be as simple as introducing a new series of systems to your employees or as complicated as change management programs. In most cases, companies choose to hold these training seminars in-house when possible. However, a better option is often overlooked: renting an event space.

There are a wide range of benefits your company and your participants can enjoy when holding training off-site. Many of these benefits are definitely well worth including venue rental into your training budget. Some of these benefits include:

People are able to focus better

One of the issues of conducting corporate training in your own office is that most of your participants may be distracted by work emails and calls. Similarly, it’s fairly simple for people to disrupt the training and pull out one of the participants. Both scenarios can easily be avoided by booking an event space in Manila for your corporate training. On top of this, 63% of people who have undergone corporate training claim that conducting training out-of-office helps improve their concentration and productivity.

Participants can enjoy more amenities and services

Venues for off-site training seminars often boast luxe amenities and inclusions. These amenities go a long way in setting a positive mood among your employees. Many corporate training venues, such as The Atrium at Enderun Colleges, also come with in-house catering services. Serving a light snack in between sessions and offering free-flowing coffee may help your participants focus. Lastly, these amenities can leave a lasting positive impression among newer employees, which may lead to better company loyalty.

Talking about sensitive topics in the office is easier

In some cases, training seminars will talk about sensitive information or topics pertaining to the company. This may include things like policy changes or reshuffling departments. Being too close to the office may make it difficult for people to have a proper and impartial discussion. Choosing a third-party venue allows everyone to speak easier since there is no worry over whether someone may overhear the topic of discussion.

Employees are encouraged to socialize with each other

If you’ll be conducting whole-day training sessions in an events space, your package will tend to come with lunch. This is a great time for employees who don’t often interact with each other to meet and socialize. This is especially true if you’ll randomly group participants together. When employees are removed from their repetitive office routines, this interaction becomes more meaningful. Naturally, having everyone in your company get along with each other can work wonders on productivity and teamwork.

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