Why You Should Hire Catering Services for Your Next Company Outing

Company outings are a great way to reward employees for their hard work and build camaraderie among team members. Whether you are looking for an overnight trip at the beach or enjoying a unique experience like a guided adventure camp, there is no denying that participating in activities together as a team rejuvenates both body and mind.

When most people organize a company outing, much of the attention is given to finding a venue–and for good reason. However, one aspect that should definitely given more attention to is the idea of hiring out-of-town catering services. Having professional catering during your event yields more than a few advantages for organizers and participants alike, including:

Opens Up More Options for Venues

Not all company outing venues offer in-house dining or catering. Limiting yourself to venues with in-house catering may severely restrict your venue options. Opting to hire catering for a company outing allows you to expand your shortlist of possible venues. The best part is that you can actually save a nice amount of money if you only opt for venue rental. If you decide to go with a third-party caterer, just make sure that the venue you book doesn’t charge outside catering corkage fees.

Guarantee That The Food is Excellent

Even if a venue offer in-house food service, there isn’t always a guarantee that you and your team will fully enjoy the food. This is especially true if no one has been to the venue you’ve chosen. In such cases, organizing a food tasting can be difficult in terms of schedule and travel. Hiring a corporate catering service based in Manila that you’ve worked with before assures you that the food you choose fits everyone’s tastes. Similarly, it’s much easier to customize the menu for your outing to fit any special dietary needs (e.g. keto, vegetarian, etc.).

More Time to Focus on Activities

It isn’t uncommon for certain team members to be assigned to cook for the rest of the team during outings. However, this set-up only really works if your team is relatively small. If your company outing involves hundreds of employees or if family members of employees are invited to join the outing, anyone assigned to cook will spend most of their time in the kitchen instead of team-building activities–and where’s the fun in that? Leaving the food up to catering services easily frees up time and allows everyone to participate in the activities you’ve planned.

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